Why Work in Stamford

Stamford is the third largest city in Connecticut. Located in the southwestern corner of Fairfield County along the shores of Long Island Sound, it boasts many beautiful parks and beaches. A geographic oddity of Stamford is that a traveler can go due north, due east, due south, or due west from downtown Stamford and wind up in New York State.

365体育投注平台Stamford is regularly named one of the safest cities in the United States with populations of 100,000 or more. It has one of the highest percentages in the country of adults who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Stamford is home to branches of three major institutions of higher learning, University of Connecticut, University of Bridgeport and Sacred Heart University.

365体育投注平台Stamford is proud of its cultural offerings, which include a symphony, orchestra, Center for the Arts, artists’ associations, commercial and independent movie houses, and a community theater.

An economically sound community, Stamford continues to pursue appropriate economic development initiatives to both attract and retain companies and corporations. Our motto is “The City That Works!”

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