Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Stamford Public Schools!

365体育投注平台In order to volunteer:

  1. 365体育投注平台Please fill out the Volunteer Application and return it to:

Office of Family & Community Engagement

P.O. Box 9310

365体育投注平台Stamford, CT 06904

Volunteer Application - English               Volunteer Application - Spanish

  1. 365体育投注平台You will be contacted if there is a volunteer opportunity available.

  2. Should there be a volunteer opportunity available, you will need to be fingerprinted.  Information on fingerprinting will be sent to you once a volunteer opportunity has been assigned.
  3. Once we receive confirmation that a background check has been submitted, we will forward your information to the principal of the requested school.
  4. The school will contact you with next steps.