What is EZTraxx?

365体育投注平台Or, as many staff members have asked: What's the connection (or difference) between ProTraxx and EzTraxx? Because the two words have been used interchangeably by many people there has, understandably, been confusion. Simply put,

ProTraxx = A Business Entity;
EzTraxx = A Computer System.

ProTraxx – A subsidiary of Learning Effects that has developed a web-based system called EzTraxx. This software solution manages educator professional development courses to school districts and other professional development providers.

EzTraxx – A web-based professional development application developed, designed and marketed by a company named Learning Effects, that is used by staff members at all organizational levels in the Stamford Public Schools district. It helps to streamline record keeping, tracking, reporting, evaluating and assessing our Professional Development offerings.

365体育投注平台EzTraxx allows education providers to create a completely paperless process for the end-to-end management of CEUs and related staff data. It can be accessed 24x7x365 from any internet enabled computer by going to the COMPANY website () and logging in to the EzTraxx application.