Grades K-5 Science

Two children with safety goggles on making observations


365体育投注平台In every elementary grade, students have hands-on guided inquiry experiences in Life, Earth and Physical Science units. Those experiences emphasize pure observation and wonder in early grades, building toward more sophisticated science skills such as experimental design and data analysis in upper grades.

Support of Common Core State Standards

365体育投注平台The SPS elementary science program supports the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Students use their science notebooks to express what they’re learning in science by recording observations, organizing and analyzing their data, and drawing conclusions based on evidence/data that they’ve collected. In science, students have many opportunities to discuss their findings, collaborate, and share their new understanding about scientific concepts. During science, students learn and use science-specific words. All of these skills will help students become scientifically-literate adult citizens capable of making informed decisions.


365体育投注平台In grades 3-5, students take an assessment at the end of every science unit.  In addition, students in grade 5 take the Connecticut State NGSS Science Test.